“I was in the show last night and had a blast!!!! I wanted more!” – Brittnie Marie Agee

Mystery, Astonishment, and good times combine when Anton James steps into the room.

An exceptional performer of the highest caliber Anton James is largely known for being a unique and exciting presence that can captivate and command any room at a moments notice and is often considered to be “The Most Mysterious Man In The World” by those who know him.

With charm and smart wit Anton specializes in the mysteries of the mind and how we perceive the world. He will play with your perception of reality and you will LOVE him for it!

His talents and attention are requested by top companies, venues, and individuals including some of the most notable names from the inside world of magic.

Using techniques ranging from the pure power of suggestion to deceptive slight of hand Anton takes his audience on a one of a kind experience they will never forget.

If you haven’t seen Anton James live then you have never seen anything like it.

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